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Investments that matter

Most investments would come with a hefty price.


But any smart investor or buyer wouldn’t mind paying a good sum if it means having an exceptional, top quality product in their possession.

For those on a hunt for a smart, practical home investment option, it would be wise to take note of a few things. After all, home investment entails a huge sum of money and a lifetime of dedication to preserve it for the generations to come.


Thus it pays to entrust one’s hard-earned money to a developer who’s there for the long haul and one that understands the value of home ownership.

In the Philippines, one developer that seemed to have gained the trust and confidence of most homebuyers and investors is Sta. Lucia Land Inc.  For decades now, this trusted property developer continues to deliver projects that help improve and uplift the lives of many hardworking individuals.

“After building the dreams of many hardworking individuals, we are now in the process of ensuring that what we have delivered and created will last, thus allowing our homeowners to create that lasting legacy through home ownership,” explained Sta. Lucia Land president Exequiel Robles.

“We know the efforts that our homebuyers put in to realize their dream and that is why we, at Sta. Lucia, continue to work doubly hard to deliver a home that is built to last. We see every Sta. Lucia development as a valuable possession that even future generations can still enjoy,” Robles added.

Armed with a mission to deliver homes that are built to last, the company follows certain standards and abides by strict guidelines to ensure that the homeowners’ needs are satisfied and fulfilled.

Meanwhile, Sta. Lucia shares some insights on what makes it a truly reliable and trustworthy brand that’s built to last.

Built on strong family values

Sta. Lucia knows that more than just creating homes for profit, its main mission is to ensure that every Filipino family will have a decent place to come home to—a place where strong family values are taught and respect is instilled.

Established and built through the hard work of the Robles and Santos families, the company continues to live and abide by the values that its fore founders espoused. Moreover, the company believes that as a responsible developer, it is its duty to create communities were families can nurture ties.

Built on strong partnerships

Over the years, Sta. Lucia has partnered with various companies and fellow developers to ensure that it brings to the market high quality, world-class yet value-for-money developments. It has worked on forging strong and reliable partnerships among industry experts which have greatly benefited its clients.

Such ties also enabled Sta. Lucia Land to expand its reach and provide Filipinos from all over the world masterplanned communities that continue to uplift living experiences.

Built on innovation

With decades of experience in building high quality developments to back it up, Sta. Lucia  Land has managed to keep innovation as the backbone of its business.

In a highly competitive industry, the company is well aware that in order to continuously thrive and remain relevant, it has to go beyond just providing roofs and walls to the discerning homebuyers and investors. As such, Sta. Lucia has worked non-stop to provide the market with a portfolio of innovative concepts and great building ideas, which have allowed it to ride through the challenges and emerge as one of the country’s most reliable brands.

“The company will continue to look for ways to better serve the needs of the market. Sta. Lucia Land is not one to rest on its laurels, as we will continue to innovate and look for ways to serve the ever changing lifestyle of the Filipino people. And like what we would always tell our homebuyers, we are here to stay and we are built to last,” Robles concluded.



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